Goblin report

I was late pulling out of 42nd and Treadmill today — there were idiots to denounce, and I wasn’t going to miss out on that — so I missed the bulk of the Neighborhood Event this time around, and decided I’d actually hand out the goodies myself this year. The sparkleball I have been employing as a substitute porch light, I’ve discovered, is genuinely creepy from the curb, and since getting to my front door is a genuine hassle — thirty feet up (quite a grade) the driveway and fifteen more down the walk, unless you cut through the hedgerow, in which case the rosebushes will get you — I figure anyone who makes it through deserves to be served.

I opened up at six-thirty. No takers until seven, and then the floodgates opened: twenty-one in ten minutes. Final count was 49, about half what it was in 2010, which I attribute to losing a lot of the smaller fry to said Neighborhood Event. Still: second-best year ever.


  1. LeeAnn »

    1 November 2012 · 5:35 am

    Since we moved here to Satan’s Scrotum, we’ve gotten zero trickytreaters. I kind of miss it, but I love getting ready “just in case” and then eating all the candy, so as not to waste it.
    And then insomnia-spinning from the sugar, waiting for the crash, and incredibly glad I’m off today so I can nap like a pro.

  2. Joe »

    1 November 2012 · 3:59 pm

    My first Halloween in the new house so didn’t know what to expect. Only received about 15 door bells which was far lower than I expected. On the plus side all of the kids were of age 10 or younger, most being under 5. I’d rather have 15 younguns than 50 15-18 year olds doing nothing more than collecting candy without the effort of the costume.

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