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Evgenia Peretz writes in the December Vanity Fair:

In [François] Hollande’s quest for the presidency, a certain woman would come into his life who would prove very useful: one Valérie Trierweiler, a young, drop-dead gorgeous reporter from Paris Match who had been assigned to cover the Socialists… Her icy, Hitchcock-heroine looks were useful currency.

V.F. provided one photo in which Trierweiler did not look much like a Hitchcock heroine to me, so I Binged my way through a stack of news photos and came up with this Reuters picture:

Valérie Trierweiler

Joan Fontaine in Suspicion, maybe.

Trierweiler’s detractors call her “Rottweiler,” perhaps a nod to her perceived ferocity. She was apparently seeing Hollande in early 2006, while she was still married and while Hollande was still living with Ségolène Royal. Royal managed to keep her split with Hollande under wraps until after the 2007 presidential election, which she lost to Nicolas Sarkozy. (Royal would run again in 2011, but she finished fourth in the Socialist primary, far behind Hollande.) Trierweiler didn’t make a public announcement of the relationship until after her divorce became final in 2010, presumably for legal reasons. She and Hollande have announced no plans to wed, and she’s kept her Paris Match gig.

Feel free to complain about that word “young.” At forty-seven, she’s young compared to me, anyway. (And in case you wondered, Hollande is about nine months younger than I.)

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