Quote of the week

Daily Pundit’s nemo paradise, expressing gratitude to the perpetrators of the DDOS attack waged against that site last week:

First, it means that someone fears DP enough to literally attempt to kill it. I had no idea that we could sting that hard. Now I do. Thank you.

Second, it means that someone put a lot of their time, effort and money into doing it. What could be more gratifying than to know this, and demonstrate to them that they have … failed. Here we are. What we experienced was the internet version of someone interrupting someone else by shouting nyah nyah nyah. Sooner or later they run out of breath. The message gets out anyway.

Finally, nothing reveals poverty of principle, nor proves more thoroughly the childish thuggery of the vandals who took down the site, than this hooligan attack on our right to speak. Confronted by ideas that they cannot negotiate with rebuttal, they instead yell “Shut up!” Do you remember those people from high school? They were the ones with the protruding brows and the scrape marks on their knuckles.

And in fact they’re still in high school, emotionally if not physically.

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