Rinehart unwrapped again

Last time we heard from former County Commissioner, occasional money-grubber and comic-book publisher Brent Rinehart, he was trying to ease his way back into public office. Having failed at that, well, why not try this?

The testy race for Oklahoma County Sheriff took a new twist today, with incumbent Democrat John Whetsel’s campaign manager noting a disgraced former county commissioner has joined those opposing Whetsel.

Former Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart has inserted himself into the campaign, said Pat Hall.

Hall speculates on Rinehart’s motives in signing on to the Darrell Sorrels campaign:

“Brent Rinehart was a guest of Sheriff Whetsel’s at the Oklahoma County Jail,” said Hall. “I’d guess that Rinehart did not enjoy his stay in the Oklahoma County jail when he broke the law and so now he is trying to get even and help elect a new sheriff, one that might look the other way if he tries to break the law again.”

Somehow I can’t imagine Sorrels, an experienced lawman, actually wanting this character on his side.

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