Rather a lot of Pooh

For some reason this made me laugh:

The other day my 9-year-old daughter asked me which presidential candidate got my vote four years ago. “Bob Barr,” I said. “Babar?” she said. “He must have been a Republican.”

I’m pretty sure he was an elephant, anyway.

And if we’re going to drift into Milne, who wrote the introduction to the first English version of The Story of Babar, we might as well go full Hundred Acre Wood:

If Babar is a Republican, does that mean Eeyore is a Democrat? I rebel at the notion, since he is the A.A. Milne character with whom I identify the most. I suspect that Eeyore is not a member of any party and does not vote. (And why should he?) Winnie the Pooh is probably a Democrat, since he seems to believe he has a right to other people’s honey. Christopher Robin, given his paternalistic attitude and gun, might be a Republican. Piglet obviously is a filthy pinko.

Tigger? Please.

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