Strange search-engine queries (355)

Time once again for another trip through the wilderness of search strings, in the hope of finding something amusing, since it’s apparently too much to hope that there’s a box of Twinkies hiding in the system log.

krispy kreme effect:  More noticeable in the absence of Twinkies, you may be sure.

what brought this on:  Rainy days and Mondays always bring this on.

sarah downs harvey kurtzman:  Rainy days and Sarah always bring Harv down.

sexual letter of a gilrl to a guy on how shebwill make love to him:  And he probably doesn’t care that she can’t spell, either.

“white men have an obligation”:  Actually, they often have several.

I videotaped my next door neighbor walks nude:  This is not one of your obligations, Whitey.

who owns walgreens at 23rd and classen:  Hint: It ain’t CVS.

do automatic transmissions have a flux capacitor:  This poor soul just spent $450 for muffler bearings.

architectural indigest:  For instance, building a White Castle next door to the Louvre.

logger sells a load of wood for 100.00:  Yeah, that sounds like a load.

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