No “bullet-nose” reference

Add to the list of Things I Did Not Know the fact that Abraham Lincoln rode around in a Studebaker:

The much-heralded Steven Spielberg film, Lincoln, is generating historic ticket sales along with renewed interest in our 16th US President.

That interest should include the whereabouts of the horse-drawn carriage that transported him to Ford’s Theatre that fateful night in 1865, and later rushed him to medical help nearby after being fatally shot by John Wilkes Boothe.

Lincoln’s presidential carriage was a Studebaker, and it is on display in the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana.

So far as I know, he never used it to pursue vampires.

Lincoln, the auto make, didn’t produce any cars until after World War I — they made aircraft engines during the war — and they didn’t supply official Presidential vehicles until 1939, when they delivered a V12-powered convertible to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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