Quote of the week

Michele Catalano’s new music blog for Forbes — which is, based on the evidence of the first post, a new blog about music, not a blog about new music — contains this oh-so-familiar scenario:

I think this is why I like to listen to my music collection on shuffle rather than listen to whole albums; with about 100,000 songs to choose from I never know what’s going to come on next. I could burst into tears at any moment or I could hear “Steal My Sunshine” and be transported from on a bleak morning to a sunny, scenic freeway on my way to Lake Tahoe.

Music is emotional roulette. Most of the time, I win. And even when I don’t, the music is usually good enough to overcome whatever bad memory it brings up.

I would add only that old songs in new contexts, or heard under new circumstances, can produce new, wholly unexpected memories.


  1. McGehee »

    24 November 2012 · 8:10 am

    I suspect if I had 10,000 tunes on shuffle I would still end up hearing the same few dozen more often than the rest.

  2. CGHill »

    24 November 2012 · 10:58 am

    On the work box, I have a so-called Smart Playlist called the Randomator, in which the shuffle picks from the 650 tracks (of 6800) least often played. On average, a tune will be played four or five times a year.

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