Something specail

Now this is a pitch worth repeating:

Your faviorite reporters are they taking the plunge at the Great Falls Christmas storll on December 7th to help raise money for Montana Special Olympics.

We have set a goal to raise over a $1,000 for the Montana Specail Olympics and we cant do it with out your help! All procedds go to the Montana Specail Olympics.

Donate to the Montana Specail Olympics and come cheer on your faviorite reporters as they take the plunge.

It was pretty damned difficult to reproduce that: you have to work really hard to spell that badly.

Good ol’ Dynamo Dave put up a screencap on Flickr, in case you thought I was pulling your chain.


  1. Da Goddess »

    27 November 2012 · 4:32 pm

    Thank God it wasn’t just me who noticed the typos.

  2. fillyjonk »

    27 November 2012 · 4:37 pm

    Typos tend to be the FIRST thing I notice in stuff like that.

    The other day we got an e-mail on campus reminding us to get our “ticket’s” to something before it was too late. Our ticket’s what?

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