Moon over cars

You may remember this from a couple of years ago:

The current official DPRK automaker, Pyeonghwa Motors, is actually partially owned by the Unification Church, from those uncharted lands south of the 38th parallel, and they produce two rebadged Fiats and assemble some Chinese trucks from kits.

North Korea being what it is, things haven’t changed much — except for this:

“Pyeonghwa Motors’ South Korean side is planning to pull out from the joint automaker and donate its 70 percent stake to the North,” said a source familiar with the transaction, who declined to be identified due to the sensitivity of the issue.

This apparently was a provision in the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s will.

In the footer of the company’s Web site, their address in Seoul is given as “Gangnam-Gu Dosandaero 235 Pyeongwha Building.” Even a North Korean enterprise can lay claim to a sliver of Gangnam Style.

(Via The Truth About Cars.)

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