The argument against heels

We open with a quote from Lynn:

[T]hings I’ve done and been into most of my life are now “old lady things” and that people will see them as evidence that I am over the hill. Like sensible shoes. I have worn high heels but mostly I have always worn flats or low, wedge heels. Always. Even when I was in my 20’s. That’s always made me feel a wee bit superior because I was smart enough to be kind to my feet instead of being a slave to fashion. Now I’m just like the rest of the old ladies.

For a look at the alternative — being unkind to one’s feet — we have a Shoebunny special: the not-even-old Jennifer Aniston, at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony early this year, in a lovely Tom Ford print dress and nicely insubstantial Bally sandals, showing signs of possible damage. Then again, Jennifer hasn’t worn flats since she was nine.

In Jennifer’s defense, at least she hasn’t done anything insane like having her toes displaced.

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