Cindi Mayweather is out of uniform

Today is the 27th birthday of singer/songwriter/visionary Janelle Monáe, one of those women who looks great in a tuxedo:

I bathe in it, I swim in it, and I could be buried in it. A tux is such a standard uniform, it’s so classy and it’s a lifestyle I enjoy. The tux keeps me balanced. I look at myself as a canvas. I don’t want to cloud myself with too many colors or I’ll go crazy. It’s an experiment I’m doing.

Contrarian that I am, I bring you Janelle Monáe, not in a tux:

“Cold War” is the last (so far) single from The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III), which you presumably have already bought.

A search for “Janelle Monáe not in a tux” turned up this stirring still:

Janelle Monae not in a tux

Wikipedia’s stories on musicians inevitably cite a genre. This is how they describe Monáe: “Neo-soul, funk, art rock, dance-punk, experimental alternative rock”. If you can pull off a fusion like that, you can wear pretty much any damn thing you want.


  1. canadienne »

    1 December 2012 · 10:19 pm

    I hadn’t been familiar with her work before I read about her here, and now I am obsessively buying her music and listening to it. Thanks for the recommend, she is an amazing musician. (And should be able to afford the rest of the suit, now.)

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