Candidates for exile

Earlier today, in a Yahoo! Answers piece, I justified my fondness for the ponyverse this way:

[T]he weather isn’t random, the leaders are actually benevolent, and evil is punishable by banishment.

With that in mind, Robert Stacy McCain offers a list of individuals who, if you ask me, ought to be imprisoned on some faraway planetoid. (Not the Moon; Luna would have no dealings with jerks like this.)

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  1. fillyjonk »

    3 December 2012 · 7:22 am

    That’s one of the best short summings-up of the upsides of Equestria that I’ve seen. (I’d probably add, “Everything is pretty colors” too, but then, I’m a girl)

    I’ve long had my own version of the “little list.”

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