Purple numbers

Nick Singer, a Democrat who ran for House District 87 — my district — and lost, explains how the numbers fell:

In 2008, this was one of the closest elections in the state with the Democrat losing by a mere 170 or so votes. In 2010, it was around a 700 vote difference in favor of the Republican. In 2012, I lost by a bit over 1,000. There are several explanations for this. The first is the redistricting of the 2010 census. Several highly Democratic districts were sent to HD 88 (a highly Democratic district) and several Republican leaning districts were added. Combine this with the significantly lower turnout compared to 2008 and you have a series of numbers similar to what the Democratic candidate [Dana Orwig] had gotten in 2008 and 2010. Another challenge and something for the numbers people is there was also a lot of correlation to how the president performed and how I did. Given President Obama’s lack of popularity, it certainly did not help the cause.

In my particular precinct, it was still pretty close: Obama trailed by 23, while Singer led by 3. Then again, we’re a notorious bunch of ticket-splitters.

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