Shouldn’t they have notified us?

(Note: This was written last night and scheduled for this time. While it was in the publish cycle, I tried to get into my own mailbox. It did connect, but nothing was in the inbox.)

Oh, right. They can’t:

Thousands of Cox Communications customers across Oklahoma were without email Sunday because of an outage, company officials said.

The email storage platform that supports residential customers failed sometime Friday evening, causing all residential customers in the state to lose access to their incoming email, spokeswoman Kristin Peck said.

The outage isn’t confined to this state, either, and several scattered Facebook friends have been grousing about it.

Cox, perhaps understandably, isn’t saying what happened, but they did say this:

Cox Communications Director of Public Affairs Gail Graeve released more information regarding the outage Sunday afternoon:

“First we want to acknowledge the impact of the residential email service outage on our customers. We know this experience is not consistent with our promise to deliver reliable products and services, and sincerely apologize for the frustration this has caused.”

Graeve said technicians have isolated the cause to an issue within the email storage platform that supports Cox Residential email in the midwest and on the east coast. Though crews are working around the clock to restore service, Graeve said Cox did not expect services to be restored Sunday.

I have a feeling the True Story will wind up on The Register, and it won’t be pretty.

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