Flaying down to Rio

Somehow I find this news startling:

Over the past decade, the number of emergency room visits precipitated by pubic hair “grooming” has risen 500%. Now, with those figures, we’re left to ponder whether genital owners are getting increasingly clumsy, or if more people are ridding themselves of the tremendous burden of pubic hair.

It was a big deal in the 1970s when Playboy actually showed you a bit of shrubbery, because they’d never done such a thing before; it’s a big deal today because something like 9 out of 12 Playmates have been clear-cut.

Further statistics:

56% of 2010’s 11,704 emergency-room-worthy genital slicing injuries were made by women. So, I guess that means that 44% of them were dudes … and that astounds me, being one who has never entertained the notion of mowing his junk, or anyone else’s come to think of it.

This might almost be an argument for frickin’ lasers.

(Via this @OneFineJay tweet.)


  1. McGehee »

    20 December 2012 · 7:52 am

    The fact people call it “manscaping” is all the reason I need to avoid it.

  2. Jess »

    20 December 2012 · 8:11 am

    Apparently, the elimination of pubic hair is really popular, which I can’t understand. Shaving is a pain, and the horrible itch of sprouting hair is much more than distracting. When you add the tender areas subjected to razor cuts, the entire fad makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Tatyana »

    20 December 2012 · 3:50 pm

    Here’s my chance do not say anything in fear to reveal a personal preference…and I’ll take it.

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