Maybe it’s the distributor

OscarPRGirl, identified as an actual PR person in the Oscar de la Renta organization, posted this nifty spread from Vogue, circa 1994, in which the ostensible mechanic is wearing one of Oscar’s black wool dresses:

Model vs. Tatra

She tagged it “I’m dying to know how to fix cars.”

Unfortunately for this particular low-level fantasy, there exists one fashion blogger who is also a car buff, who responded thusly:

The engine’s in the back, for starters. #Tatra603

I couldn’t tell you what model year this was, though it had to be a ’62 or later: previous 603s had three headlights, the center unit turning with the wheel in a Tuckerly manner.


  1. JT »

    23 December 2012 · 6:22 pm

    Perhaps she’s pulling supplies out of the trunk,,, (nah)

    I actually got to ride in one of the Tucker Torpedos a few years back in a parade. For having a helicopter engine in the back and for how little it’s driven, it was surprisingly quiet and rode pretty well. It truly was a car ahead of its time.

  2. Dick Stanley »

    23 December 2012 · 9:23 pm

    She appears to have pulled the distributor off; won’t get very far thataway.

  3. Dick Stanley »

    23 December 2012 · 9:25 pm

    As for the dying part, that would seem to be a function of her diet, which must be puny indeed.

  4. Tatyana »

    24 December 2012 · 6:10 am

    Oh, maryjanes to die for! perfect, abs. perfect
    the car has a nice curves…but not as good as jaguar’s

  5. CGHill »

    24 December 2012 · 9:56 pm

    Tatra’s postwar history is amusing. They were nationalized even before the USSR seized control of Czechoslovakia; Moscow sent word that thereafter, Tatra would abandon their luxury-car line and build trucks instead, while the Kremlin would arrange for cars for ambassadors and such. The Sovietmobiles were roundly despised, when they showed up at all, and eventually Tatra found itself back building cars. The 603 was built from 1956 to 1975. And that engine out back? A 2.5-liter V8.

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