Dead mag rapping

Former Gawker troll Alex Pareene has at least one thing in common with me: he can’t stand Donald Trump. And I will give him this much: the only time he’s going to miss Newsweek will be next year, when he can’t put them on his Hack List anymore:

You hire Tina Brown because she knows “everyone,” and knowing “everyone” translates into “buzz,” which never quite translates into “profit” or “increased circulation.” In Tina Brown’s Newsweek, friends fawningly profiled their famous friends, who were also friends of Tina’s. Other friends were allowed to write stories so incredibly misleading that other outlets took it upon themselves to perform basic fact-checks. Then that friend’s wife trolled every Muslim in the world.

Newsweek, of course, is now dead — putting a hashtag on your cover is pretty much a white flag of surrender — but that can’t possibly be Brown’s fault:

In a long interview with Michael Kinsley, Brown absolves herself of responsibility for Newsweek’s death, saying the magazine had “an unfixable infrastructure and a set of challenges that really would have required five years in an up economy to solve.” The interview is in a recent issue of New York, a successful general interest magazine that prints weekly.

One wonders why she just didn’t blame it on George W. Bush. All her friends would have nodded in unison.

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