Aghast workplace

The Smoking Gun reports on an atmospheric disturbance:

A federal employee was formally reprimanded this month for excessive workplace flatulence, a sanction that was delivered to him in a five-page letter that actually included a log of representative dates and times when he was recorded “releasing the awful and unpleasant odor” in his Baltimore office.

In a December 10 letter accusing him of “conduct unbecoming a federal officer,” the Social Security Administration employee was informed that his “uncontrollable flatulence” had created an “intolerable” and “hostile” environment for coworkers, several of whom have lodged complaints with supervisors.

For the defense, Dave Schuler:

My immediate reaction to this report was that the man might have a cause of action under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Was the manager qualified to determine whether it was a controllable behavior? I’ve had employees who were frequently flatulent and have been known to pass gas occasionally myself. I strongly suspect that most of us have. The idea of reprimanding them for it never occurred to me. I just gave them a wide berth.

Come to think of it, someone always brings broccoli to the office potlucks. Hmmm…


  1. jimmy »

    27 December 2012 · 7:20 am

    We had a guy in Iowa, had a letter from the Mayo Clinic, that said he couldn’t control his…flatulence. It’s an actual medical thing! Had to build an extra office just for him. Still, a great guy who hated that he farted so much.

  2. Tatyana »

    27 December 2012 · 7:56 am

    Another victim group! Poor savages, unable to control their basic physiological functions. Next will be one unable to control public urination.

  3. Jeffro »

    27 December 2012 · 10:34 am

    Your office mates are out to get you, Chaz!

  4. JT »

    27 December 2012 · 11:06 am

    Let’s hope the uncontrollable public urination is not tied to an asparagus eating habit.

  5. McGehee »

    27 December 2012 · 2:25 pm

    I have wisely chosen to withhold a related story lest it ruin a certain Christmas carol for everyone instead of just for my family.

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