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Remember that Pelosian nonsense about “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it?” Well, the bill got passed, and we still don’t know what’s in it:

In America today you might be “legally” part-time even though you work fifty hours a week, or “legally” full-time even though you only work twenty-five hours a week. You might be a full-time employee for the purposes of one law, and unemployed for the purposes of another law. The law could say clearly and unambiguously that teachers are part-time, and the judge could rule that they work full time. What’s “legally” true is whatever the judge says; what’s “legally” true no longer has much connection with reality.

In which case, this is the next stage:

It seems like Congress would find it less painful simply to pass a bill that’s a collection of random words — or letters, if words are too constraining. Title it “An Act for Amelioration of Problems,” and fill it with greeking. The Republicans can say it’s a tax cut for all Americans. The Democrats can say it’s a tax increase on the rich. They can both say it balances the budget and eliminates the deficit. The courts will tell us what we must do to avoid a fine and prison.

On second thought, this might be the current stage.

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  1. McGehee »

    29 December 2012 · 1:10 am

    The Lorem Ipsum Act of A Week Ago Last Thursday! Ah, yes.

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