Devil resells the hindmost

I hasten to add that this is not a Hasbro product:

Moxie Girlz Kellan

This is, however, a real extension of the existing Moxie Girlz line, from those wonderful folks who brought you Bratz. (What’z with all the Z’z?) You’ve already seen Kellan’s unicorn; Lexa’s bunny craps glitter, and Avery’s koala defecates jewels.

Members of the Church of Gaia who insisted that we could power motor vehicles with unicorn dung will be disappointed to learn that they’d have to buy several dozen Kellan dolls just to get across town.

(Via FAIL Blog.)


  1. Nicole »

    2 January 2013 · 5:47 pm

    Craps glitter? WTH were these toys when I was a tot?!

  2. CGHill »

    2 January 2013 · 6:04 pm

    Back then, they perhaps didn’t realize there was such a huge market for crap. (There was Betsy Wetsy, but she was never a #1 choice.)

  3. jsallison »

    2 January 2013 · 8:26 pm

    Ah Bratz, teaching our daughters to be hookers since, what, ’83 or so?

  4. McGehee »

    2 January 2013 · 10:45 pm

    At least this one is useful.

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