Not a section of tire tread

Someone sneaked this into an Ace of Spades overnight thread, and someone else duly forwarded it to me, because I’m supposedly the Odd Shoe Guy, and, well, this is certainly an odd shoe:

Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes created the Mojito Shoe, which, says Nicole Wakelin of Fashionably Geek, is so named “likely because you’d have to have had a few drinks before you’d think wearing these was a good idea.” At the very least, you’d want to know WTF Mr Hakes was thinking, which turns out to be this.

There are ten other color variations, if you don’t like the Bridgestone 14-ply look; list price seems to be £175, which of late is around $285.

(Okay, it was Jeffro who sent me the link. Please do not hold it against him.)


  1. Charles Pergiel »

    5 January 2013 · 2:39 pm

    I like it, if only because it shows that Mr. Hakes was thinking.

  2. Tatyana »

    5 January 2013 · 2:58 pm

    On the contrary, I’ll applaud Jeffro’s efforts
    This is not a shoe in a sense “wearable footwear”. It’s an artifact; a 3D representation of some Asian hieroglyph

    I like it. I would wear it display it as an impossible ideal

  3. Tatyana »

    5 January 2013 · 3:05 pm

    I listened to his interview: ah, a fellow architect! and a bridge designer to boot (forgive the pun).
    I love it how he described the “forces”affecting the foot. He’s what “a designer” should be.

  4. hatless in hattiesburg »

    5 January 2013 · 4:40 pm

    apparently hakes is to shoemaking as john cage was to music or magritte was to painting – “this is not a shoe”

  5. Jeffro »

    5 January 2013 · 7:30 pm

    Uhmm, thank you, I think!

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