Floating in the dark

Welcome to the unreality-based community:

The Internet is a sensory deprivation tank. It somehow has the exact specific gravity of a human brain, so that it cancels out the heavy, reminding tug of our bodies. It deceives us that whatever we can imagine is not only possible, but already sufficiently existent without the salutary work and frustration that is matter’s accursed blessing. Our minds are crumbling like the bones of astronauts who have lived too long in weightlessness.

On the other hand, this may not necessarily be a bad thing, at least in terms of the effect it has on certain sectors. Continuing into a comment:

All those people, full of hope, sending out identical tweets about their social media optimization coaching — they are going to end up bagging groceries.

And bagging groceries is a tangible good, mostly. Sometimes it’s an art form. And sometimes they put the M&Ms under the rotisserie chicken.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    15 January 2013 · 1:41 pm

    On the other hand, in the same vein as the person who talked about “Otherwise I’d be looking at a cow’s hind end,” I find it disconcerting to go to some In Real Life get-together and find that all the other people have known each other since 5th grade, and they sit around talking about how what Brady did back junior year in high school or how they can’t BELIEVE Jeffrey and Susan are still together….Or they’re all moms and they talk about baby and kid stuff and I’m all “Okay, I’ll just sit over here with my mouth shut for three hours.”

    I’m not so willing to accept that a little fantasy world is an entirely bad thing. Especially if you live in, if not exactly the Middle of Nowhere, darn close to it.

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