The mind’s eye, decelerated

When I raved about BT’s album If the Stars Are Eternal So Are You and I last summer, it never occurred to me that there might be video worthy of it. So I was surprised at the visual feast conjured up for “13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill”: “You don’t need visuals: the brain provides its own,” I had said.

Now comes something even less likely: a video for “Our Dark Garden,” a pure mood piece.

The description:

From a concept by BT, ‘A Million Stars’ director Christopher Andrew executed a ‘macro time-lapse journey’ for the final music video, combining time-lapse photography and slow motion HD-footage over the course of six months. From April to September 2012 over 350,000 stills were taken, day and night, in Christopher’s backyard in Gloucester, MA. Produced by Stoptime341 Productions.

I’ve provided the embed here, but you really need to see this on a wider screen.


  1. Dr. Weevil »

    17 January 2013 · 5:11 pm

    I somehow misread that as “Thirteen Angels On My Broken Windowshield” and had a momentary image of a car severely damaged by a chance encounter with a flock (cloud?) of flying angels. That the windowshield would be broken seemed likely enough, but then I was wondering if the angels would have been left like bugs on the windowshield, only much prettier, or if they would have survived the encounter and continued on their way.

  2. Dr. Weevil »

    17 January 2013 · 5:11 pm

    A “highspeed” encounter, I should have written.

  3. CGHill »

    17 January 2013 · 5:46 pm

    There are places on or near Interstate 35 where any interloping angel is likely to be turned to mush.

  4. Bill Peschel »

    18 January 2013 · 10:08 am

    That’s beautiful.

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