Strange search-engine queries (364)

Somewhere around a third of this site’s traffic comes, not from the regulars seeking just whatever the heck it is they seek around here, but from random Googlers and Bingers and such, looking for information or edification or, yes, it is true, stimulation. Inevitably, they leave a trail behind them, and on Monday morning we take a little stroll.

i saws Little Feat in 1972:  Cut ’em down to size, didja?

they had so much:  And the Lord saith, Let them be taxed.

Houston nursing positions in Houston:  You probably might want to start looking in, oh, I don’t know, how about Houston?

how to keep people from stealing your pens:  Keep them someplace no one would want to touch them, like, say, in MC Hammer’s pants.

guy with nice thighs:  MC Hammer, maybe?

“Singularly in unilluminating”:  Working title for Karl Rove’s next book.

has anyone ever thought 105 vickie dr in del city was haunted:  No. Never. Not once. Now move along, nothing to see here.

hey can you run a joule thief someone with epilepsy:  You kidding me? Some days I can hardly run the dishwasher.

wad file decals.wad doesn’t have wad id steam:  Wad are you talking about?

emily deschanel bigger boobs:  Doesn’t need ’em.

refusing information:  I should tell you?


  1. Jay »

    21 January 2013 · 6:44 pm

    joule thief: New EPA criminal designation for someone who wastes energy.

  2. CGHill »

    21 January 2013 · 7:24 pm

    That would work.

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