Jeepening the memory

Murilee Martin at The Truth About Cars currently does the Junkyard Find series, presenting old, abandoned vehicles awaiting either final oxidation or a trip to China to come back as Harbor Freight Tools. This week Martin turned up a 1968 Jeep DJ-5A “Dispatcher Jeep” with a General Motors powertrain — four-cylinder Chevy 153 with two-speed Powerglide.

Given my own lingering interest in speed and how it is displayed, I took a look at the dash. Not being a safety regulator by trade, I did not cry out “Those knobs are dangerous!” However, my attention was distracted by a business card stuck to the dash:

Dashboard of 1968 Jeep

Dashboard of 1968 Jeep

Two possibilities present themselves:

  1. This could have been the insurance agent’s Jeep, once upon a time;
  2. This Jeep could have been owned by someone who needed to contact an insurance agent on a regular basis.

Noting that there’s just something about women in Jeeps, I of course lean toward the first alternative. Not that I’m going to write her and ask if this Jeep was hers, of course: there may be unpleasant memories involved.

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