No accounting for Word

Not too long ago, I tossed up a remark about Microsoft Word’s word-count feature, which I admittedly have never used. I assure you, I had no idea it was this bad:

If you go through File | Properties and choose the Statistics tab, you get a word count, but it omits all of the footnotes (or endnotes). As far as I can see, there is no way to customize it to make it count the notes.

There is, of course, an alternative:

There is another way to get a wordcount, which is to go through Tools | Word Count, and this has the stupid behavior as its default: it will omit footnotes and endnotes unless you check a box.

But wait:

Although checking that box makes the latter wordcount include the notes, this makes it incompatible with the other way of getting a wordcount, so that the two give different numbers.

It’s a sad day when the premier (supposedly) word processor is more concerned with the process than with the words.

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