Strange search-engine queries (366)

And how was your weekend? Doesn’t matter now: it’s Monday morning, time for another wallow in the search strings. For those of you who care: this site is not hosted on GoDaddy.

whats the transmission in el ford:  Probably the same one you’ll find in los Mercurys.

kurt cobain is a loser:  Um, no. Beck is a loser (just ask him).

email address of products shipped in china -fraud cop scam 419.hackers spy web nigeria:  Do I need to mention that this came in from a Nigerian IP?

we want joe!! we want joe!! cmon joe stop foolin them. we all know you want to go to toros, have some hot dogs, deep dish pizza and of course be nba champs.lets start shall we? triple deal: toros get: joe johnson:  One assumes this isn’t just some average Joe.

i am 20 percent cooler than i was 2 years ago:  Say thank you to Rainbow Dash.

contact walmart about old bad check:  Or you could just call the district attorney directly and eliminate the middleman.

Rolf, a citizen of New Mexico, wants to file a suit against Sandy, a citizen of Texas, relating to a motorcycle accident in which Rolf’s injuries resulted in medical costs of more than $75,000:  Never mind that. Did either of them ever bounce a check at Walmart?

was ucsc ever university of santa cruz clothing optional:  Not formally; it was rare that you got to see anyone’s banana slug.

the church of bob dole:  First commandment: “Bob Dole is the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before Bob Dole.”

meaning of are you into big tits or a huge ass:  I can’t tell whether this was sought by some nine-year-old kid or by Bob Dole.

how to spell fubar:  Now that’s got to be Bob Dole.

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  1. McGehee »

    4 February 2013 · 8:41 am

    kurt cobain is a loser:

    Well, he hasn’t been up to much for a while now.

    meaning of are you into big tits or a huge ass:

    Normally the first part means, “Do you have a Y chromosome?”

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