First round at Bataan

A final score of 104-101 suggests a Clippers/Thunder game: these are teams that score quite a bit and tend not to run away from each other. You don’t expect totals like that from the college game.

Unless the college game runs 65 minutes, as did last night’s Louisville/Notre Dame clash, in which the Irish finally emerged with the win after five overtimes, the longest game ever played in the Big East. Not that this was entirely unexpected — only two of the last eight Cardinals/Irish matchups ended in the regulation 40 minutes — but how can you possibly prepare for five overtimes? That’s a third half and then some.

First thing that came to my mind: did anyone foul out? NCAA allows five fouls (the NBA limit is six) before you’re disqualified, and four players on each team were gone before it ended. (Only nine players were listed for Notre Dame; did they have anyone left in case Pat Connaughton got his fifth foul?)

And where there are a lot of fouls, there are a lot of foul shots: from the charity stripe, Louisville made 30 of 48, Notre Dame 33 of 49.

I think we can safely conclude that everyone was tired when this one was all over.

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