Strange search-engine queries (368)

Monday morning means another trip through the logs to search for items of possible interest and/or high snark potential. This was well within the skill set of Star Swirl the Bearded, so I don’t expect to be promoted to royalty for having done it here.

yogurt plus las vegas 1981:  Well, if any yogurt from 1981 has survived, it would likely be in Las Vegas, where lots of old cultures persist.

how does desyxlia:  It does almost exactly that way.

pedestrian killed march 2002 highway 666 new mexico:  And now you know why they changed it to 491 the next year.

audi a3 cello:  Were I going to haul around an instrument of this size, I’d insist on an A4.

scamation ocular:  Send us your current myopic eyeballs and we’ll send you brand-new ones at no cost from our laboratory in Nigeria.

how does sherilyn fenn do her eyebrows:  Carefully. Very, very carefully.

lionel richie butterhead:  You’ll have to verify that with the Commodores.

85yrs.old granny and still having sex:  I tell you, that Lionel Richie fellow is kind of a turn-on.

think the most crappiest day ever:  The fifteenth of April, for reasons I need not explain.

ann coulter nude playboy dec 2004:  Um, no. They’d have been afraid to let her fill out the Playmate Data Sheet.


  1. Tatyana »

    18 February 2013 · 8:20 am

    However, desxylia differs dramatically from dylsexia

  2. McGehee »

    18 February 2013 · 8:44 am

    85yrs.old granny and still having sex

    So Christine Baranski has something to look forward to!

  3. fillyjonk »

    18 February 2013 · 9:49 am

    I actually remember having seen a photograph of a Giant Lionel Ritchie Head made of butter somewhere on the internet, so at least that one has some kind of explanation.

  4. Jeffro »

    18 February 2013 · 8:32 pm

    I am far more concerned with other – uh, areas of concern considering Sherilyn Fenn. Just sayin.’

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