A movable feast

I’m pretty sure I can endorse this proposition:

I’ve decided that this weekend is going to be My Birthday (Observed). My birthday is actually this coming Wednesday, but I have to teach all day that day (I wonder if, along with the petitions promoting the day after Super Bowl as a federal holiday, and Election Day as a federal holiday (both of which I think are bad ideas for different reasons), if anyone has proposed a You Should Not Have To Work On Your Birthday petition…)

There’s at least some sentiment in favor of the idea, though I haven’t seen anything resembling an organized effort yet.

Disclosure: In any given year, there’s about a 57-percent chance that I won’t have to work on my birthday. (The last time I did, in fact, was 2009.)


  1. Roger Green »

    22 February 2013 · 12:35 pm

    I’ve taken off my birthday (or the weekday nearest it, if my birthday fell on a weekend) every year at least since 1998, and quite probably much earlier. It was actually a day off at a place I had interned in 1980, one of the few civilized aspects of the place.

  2. Aaron »

    23 February 2013 · 1:01 pm

    My birthday is in Mid October. Thanks to the wonderful thing known as Fall Break, in my school years in Oklahoma, there was generally a couple of days off either on my birthday or so adjacent as to not matter.

    I miss that break in my work life. I suppose if I worked for the government, I could have Columbus Day off.

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