Hey, idiot!

You’ve always suspected it, and now there’s evidence to support it. Most traffic jams are caused by a mere handful of jerks:

In a study conducted by MIT and Berkeley, 680,000 Boston commuters were tracked along their commutes — anonymously — as their cellphones jumped from tower to tower. The resulting data gave a better picture of commuter habits than any old-fashioned survey had in the past. During rush hour, a massive 98 percent of roads were below peak capacity. But the two percent that were over capacity were enough to cause traffic jams that spiraled out into the less crowded roads. Granted, not all cities are the same, but it goes to show the potential power of just a few crowded streets.

We can only hope that drone strikes will be called in against the offenders. Traffic will be worse for the moment, but removing these individuals from the gene pool surely should prove a boon.

(Via Outside the Beltway.)

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