Wooden you like it

In the current My Little Pony universe, the dreaded Timberwolf is made of actual timber:

[They] can be destroyed by having rocks thrown at them, being flattened under boulders, or otherwise colliding with solid objects or walls. This, however, does not kill them outright, as they can reassemble themselves, or even form a much larger Timberwolf, from their own broken body parts and nearby trees.

Sort of a rustic Transformer. And tonight, Minnesota’s NBA Timberwolves, already reeling from injuries, kept getting the worst of it, and still kept coming back. The Thunder hit the century mark before the third quarter ended; the Wolves pulled to within nine at the two-minute mark, but they were flattened under the very solid OKC offense, which finally put them away, 127-111.

You want to see resilience? The Minnesota bench scored 59 points, seven more than the starters; in fact, the Wolves had seven players in double figures, led by rookie guard Alexey Shved with 17. Ricky Rubio and Luke Ridnour delivered good one-two punches; reserve center Greg Stiemsma blocked four shots. Minnesota shot better than 50 percent most of the game, winding up at 48. And J. J. Barea, no matter what colors he wears, always gives OKC a hard time; he was 6-10 for 14 points tonight.

But resilience can take you only so far, especially on a night when Russell Westbrook knocks down 37 points and nobody from OKC misses a single foul shot. (Westbrook had nine; Kevin Durant had eight, on his way to 27 points.) The Thunder even managed to edge Minnesota in the assist count, 28-26. (Westbrook had nine of those, too.) And 58 percent shooting never hurts. (OKC went 9-14 from Bricktown, a startling 64 percent.) You, or at least I, have to wonder where all this artillery was hiding during the last three games.

The Bulls will be here Sunday, and no way will 238 points be scored. Ronnie Brewer may be here; we don’t know about Derrick Rose just yet.

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