Either way, a hell of a lot

Whether milestone or millstone depends on one’s perspective, I suppose. Because I can, here is the complete text — minus links, of course — of the 25,000th spam caught by Akismet since installation in mid-September 2008:

Wearing advice: apricot form for choose lens face lighter color, a thin metal frames or frameless oakley glasses to abate the face of the weight of the above, to avoid was wide on half of the face more expansion feeling. And for a little thick frame round face, lens color slants cold, color deep glasses, have face visual effect, rich, delicate its leg, can design more emphasis on the integral design of the glasses, the center of the visual sense to attract the sunglasses and face collocation overall effect, let people ignore the shortage of the face.
Articles from foakley sunglasses online store. with the basic styles that have manufactured the Bayswater so well-known then you know you have some thing in your wardrobe that will in no way go out of style or fashion.
and they also about including:

, all the burberry product are top qualtiy and free shipping.Some critics are now questioning whether the donations were genuine charitable donations or an attempt to capitalize on the misfortune of the miners. Because the miners were at risk for permanent damage to their retinas, eye protection was a necessity, not a fashion statement. And because Oakley sunglasses are scientifically engineered — in this case with Plutonite lenses that filter UV rays to protect the eyes of high-performance individuals — the donation made perfect sense.

This came from; I’m pretty sure I don’t need to hear from that IP ever again.

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  1. McGehee »

    24 February 2013 · 5:08 pm

    Yeah, that one said pretty much all there was to say.

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