Same state, more swing

I seem to recall mentioning once upon a time that northeast Ohio, at least in the summertime, is a pretty decent place to drive:

[D]espite a nonexistent road-repair budget, a baffling grid — 18th and Euclid [in Cleveland] to 81st and Euclid (which I actually drove one evening) is less than 2.5 miles — and the presence of money-grubbing enclaves like Linndale, driving through northeast Ohio was always a breeze for me.

And now Linndale is about to cease grubbing:

After March 22, motorists driving along Interstate 71 near Cleveland will have a little more breathing room. That’s because new state legislation will be shutting down eight of the mayor’s courts in Ohio, including one in Linndale, the state’s most notorious and controversial speed trap city. According to The Cleveland Leader, Linndale has but one exit and a quarter-mile section of the interstate inside its borders, yet “in 2011, Linndale police issued 4,000 traffic tickets, which accounted for over $400,000 in revenue.”

Not bad for a town of 180.

Linndale’s predecessor as Most Egregious Buckeye Speed Trap, the village of New Rome, west of Columbus, fared far worse: the municipality was dissolved altogether, slightly before I went to see it.

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