New dial tone

Nice little booklet with the landline bill this month, with some news that may or may not be disturbing:

As a result of recent changes in the law governing telecommunications services, most of your Local and Long Distance services will no longer be governed by tariffs filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Instead, beginning May 1, 2013, the enclosed Residential Service Agreement (“RSA”), as well as applicable Guidebooks or Service Guides, will govern the prices, terms and conditions of these “de-tariffed” services. This RSA, as well as the applicable Guidebooks or Service Guides, replace any other agreements that you have received from AT&T for these particular services.

“Services and prices are not changing,” they say in the next paragraph. Not now, anyway. And given Cox’s voracious pursuit of landline customers, they may not for some time.

Perhaps of greater interest is the provision that disputes go to either arbitration or small claims court, rather than courts of general jurisdiction. This is a smidgen better than the Arbitration Only language that’s springing up all over the place.

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