Zipping by

Amazon’s two-day service served up a box containing a SanDisk Clip Zip (4 GB, black) and a SanDisk microSD card (32 GB, teensy) in a mere 39 hours. (If you pay attention to stuff like that, it was shipped from good old Lost Wages, Nevada.) It may take me that long to load it up.

I’ve decided that it sounds easily as good as the old Sony, though the controls are a tad more inscrutable, a function of the ridiculously small size of the device. (Surface area is barely over three square inches, and half of that is display.)

USB cables are getting shorter and shorter. The one SanDisk sends is less than 10 inches long.

Still, Desideratum #2 — “shuffle routine that will indiscriminately mingle files in base memory and files on the expansion card” — is apparently met. From the manual (for some reason not included, but downloadable): “Selecting Shuffle List will play all content saved on the device in random order.” I dropped a hundred and fifty songs on both base memory and SD card to test this.

And what the heck is the brand name here? It says “SanDisk” on the case, but “Sansa” all through the manual.

(Yes, they did have an 8 GB model. It was almost twenty dollars more, a factor when you’ve allowed $75 for the budget. The difference between 36 and 40 GB total — well, if I copy the whole iTunes work-box install, it’s 42 GB, but I wasn’t planning to load up all seven thousand songs.)

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  1. Charles Pergiel »

    22 March 2013 · 12:29 am

    Hey! There isn’t any town called “Lost Wages”. What are you trying to pull? Wait a minute, what? It’s a play on words? Oh. Never mind.

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