Groovus maximus

“Wish me luck,” says Bill Quick: he’s ripping vinyl. I am confident that he’ll do just fine: admittedly, it’s not exactly rocket science, but it does require some tech smarts, the ability to pay attention, and a good ear.

The major drawback is the fact that doing a 40-minute LP will take all 40 of those minutes, and probably a few more besides. He’s not, however, as anal as Your Humble Narrator:

You’re supposed to go through and “clean it up,” but my vinyl is already pretty clean, and I sorta like the occasional pop or hiss — that’s what records sounded like when I was a kid, and I find it sort of comforting.

And if you’re used to hearing a pop at a particular place, not hearing it will mess with your head. In the original single of the Troggs’ immortal “Wild Thing”, during the brief break between “You move me” and the return of the guitar riff (about 1:49), there’s an audible board click. I played a declicked version for my brother, and he swore there was something wrong with it, though he wasn’t sure what.

Then again, I once sat down and declicked an actual cracked 45. Took me sixty-two minutes, or sixty minutes longer than the song itself. Why I did this, I’ll never know: I have the darn track on CD, fercryingoutloud.


  1. Bill Quick »

    27 March 2013 · 11:49 am


    I have moments like that. In the past, though, they usually involved amphetamine abuse.

  2. Roger Green »

    27 March 2013 · 12:53 pm

    This falls in the area of “I’d do it, if I knew how, and I’m really glad I DON’T know how”

  3. Old Grouch »

    27 March 2013 · 3:44 pm

    Ah, but is the CD the radio/jukebox mix?

  4. Charles Pergiel »

    27 March 2013 · 4:08 pm

    It’s one thing to know that it can be done, it’s another to actually do it. How did it turn out? And was it like an actual crack, like if it went all the way across the record it would break in two?

  5. CGHill »

    27 March 2013 · 4:58 pm

    Well, the crack went as far as the runout-groove area. And yes, if it had continued on the other side of the 45 hole, it would have been broken in two.

    And inasmuch as the CD was issued by Sundazed, I’m pretty sure it was the original single mix. (No stereo version has turned up; their preceding hit, “Sugar Shack,” has a stereo mix, but it involved the overdubbing of an additional instrumental track, not on the 45.)

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