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For vintage (read “old”) hardware, this seems surprisingly au courant:

Tappan 400 range

Seventy-nine years after W. J. Tappan founded the Ohio Valley Foundry Company would bring us to 1960, although the 400 apparently debuted in 1959. (Here’s another picture with another expensively-dressed Hausfrau.) I shudder to think what this might have cost in 1959 dollars, which were worth about eight times as much as our current overinflated greenbacks.

(Found in Mom’s Basement. For a blow-up of individual features, see TappanTalk.)


  1. JT »

    7 April 2013 · 10:30 pm

    I’ll take that now. It’s a lot nicer than what I’ve had in the house these past 15 yrs. I especially like the cutting board in front of the burners as well as the freakishly huge ovens.

  2. fillyjonk »

    8 April 2013 · 9:08 am

    And I bet it lasted a lot longer before irreparably breaking than today’s appliances do.

  3. CGHill »

    8 April 2013 · 9:12 am

    Occasionally, parts for this beast show up on eBay. They’re pricey, but then parts for last year’s Whirlpool are pricey.

    Favorite feature? The fact that the cooktop slides under the ovens when not in use. (A little peg springs out of the side so you can’t push it back in while it’s operating.)

  4. Charles Pergiel »

    10 April 2013 · 12:55 am

    You Bernake apologist! A 1960 greenback is worth ten times what today’s scrap paper is worth. Not 8.

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