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WordPress, for some reason, prefers to create a new dynamic page when you click on the Comments link, though there’s still some code in the base that supports an actual pop-up window. (Now and then I’ve thought about implementing it, but so many browsers today have pop-up blockers enabled by default that I just couldn’t find it in my heart, which is cold and flinty anyway, to go through with it.)

Bill Quick used to have Daily Pundit set up to do comments inline — click the link and they’d appear under the post automagically — but no more:

The problem is that they are apparently a major security risk. I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how to do comments inline — all of them automatically appearing beneath the post — but with the newer versions of WordPress, this becomes quite difficult, and is beyond my coding skills.

I hadn’t heard this, but I tend to be suspicious of Ajax stuff on general principle.

So, unless and until I can come up with something that will actually work and not expose my server to constant hack attempts, we’re going to have to do it the way just about everybody else does: If you want to leave a comment, or read them, you’ll have to click through to do it.

Life is like that sometimes.

Oddly, I had inline comments — in read mode, anyway — more than a decade ago, but that was when the whole site was hand-coded and there were fewer black-hatted types trying to weasel their way in.


  1. Bill Quick »

    10 May 2013 · 2:30 pm

    Yeah, I had DP set up the same way for maybe eight or nine years, and it was easy to do. But I finally had to upgrade, because almost nothing would work with my ancient installation (much of which was also hand-coded by the greatly-missed Clayton Jones, RIP), and the new versions make it extremely difficult to achieve the effects I want. Sigh.

    I’m still plugging at it, though. If I stumble across something, I’ll post it.

    Which reminds me: what are you using to achieve this WYSIWYG preview screen?

  2. CGHill »

    10 May 2013 · 5:29 pm

    New versions will be the death of us: once you think you’ve gotten something pounded into submission, they slip in some new code under the rug. This theme was abandoned quite a while ago, which perhaps gives me a little more leeway — but more and more, I’m finding pickable nits, though nothing pushing me towards a Whole New Theme just yet.

    The preview screen comes from the Live Comment Preview plugin by Brad Touesnard. (I admit it: it’s one version older than current.)

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