The easy consumer choice

Well, this was difficult. I got both an email and a proper letter from the fulfillment house for The Week, the only newsmagazine worth my time, offering me a 54-issue (about 14 months) subscription renewal. I decided I would write them a check, but before taking pen in hand, I took a quick look at the email link. And that deal was $5 pricier.

What’s more, they picked up the postage on the return envelope. So I save five bucks, minus whatever pittance it costs me for that one single check (whatever it is per box divided by 120), and I don’t have to fork over my Visa number. Win/win all around.


  1. Tatyana »

    15 May 2013 · 2:48 pm

    It might be the start of a new trend. I, too, hesitate to give my card&&& info, either on the phone or online, all their “encrypted’ notices notwithstanding.

  2. Nicole »

    15 May 2013 · 6:06 pm

    Definitely a trend, though I’m not sure if it is because of security concerns. Several places I do (and no longer do) business with have a cheaper by mail or phone deal than they do for an online deal.

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