Current ear candy

New York’s Ivory Daggers describe themselves thusly:

4 friends w/a mutual love for indie powerpop & hard-hitting rock. Sunny harmonies, gutsy, no nonsense guitar, infectious melodies & unashamedly heartfelt lyrics

I bought their Rococo Bang EP last night on the strength of the lead track, “Starry Night,” which goes something like this:

Also bought last night: the Patterns EP by, um, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Josh Epstein, half of DEJJ, actually wrote to Junior:

I sent him an e-mail explaining that we didn’t intend to mock him, especially learning what a cool guy he is. He responded and was so nice and down-to-earth. For him to take the time to answer me — I’m the gnat and he’s this big gorilla — was amazing. He said he’d be flattered, and that he liked our music. And he told us to be safe.

And that’s probably the best band name since Kathleen Turner Overdrive.

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