It’s just not fare

Kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat, it doesn’t matter, because they’re all out to get us:

Here’s a facepalm-inducing story about a racist dimbulb idiot living in the next town over from me: a presumably drunk woman named Jennifer Crabbe [resist the temptation to make the obvious puns about crabby people, here] called 911 to report that her cabdriver was “very Muslim.” I don’t agree she should be charged with a hate crime, as the article mentions — being rude and obnoxious shouldn’t be illegal — but charging her at least with misuse of 911 certainly sounds reasonable to me.

But here’s what really depresses me about the story: subtract the woman’s batpoop-insane racism and what’s left is an attitude growing all-too-common in the modern American security-paranoia state: the idea “If I feel frightened or uncomfortable, this alone proves either that my rights are being infringed, or someone else’s ought to be.” After all: this woman didn’t make the papers merely for fearing Muslims, but for being arrogant enough to believe “My fear of Muslims naturally means this Muslim guy should suffer as a result!”

CAIR, of course, jumped in on behalf of the poor cabbie. Maybe that’s part of the issue: nobody’s out there to represent paranoid drunks.

Meanwhile, from the news story, this seems to be Crabbe’s hypothesis:

During the ride, [the driver] said, the woman assumed that he was a Muslim and said that all Muslims come to the U.S. and serve as taxi drivers for a year to save money so they can blow themselves up.

You’d think she’d have found that reassuring: after all, if he’s driving her to wherever, he must not have maxed out his Explosives Fund just yet.


  1. Tatyana »

    22 June 2013 · 10:26 pm

    How many times it should be repeated: race does not equal religious group? Ms Crabbe is not a racist; if anything she is a realist. However drunk.

  2. canadienne »

    23 June 2013 · 3:42 pm

    Race does not equal religious group. Is there a word for “stupid-stereotypist”? Good thing she does not live in Calgary, whose Muslim mayor is doing a great job on the current terrible crisis.

    I have a scunner for stupid stereotypes. Stereotypes in general. All generalizations are false (and yes I know that’s a paradox).

  3. CGHill »

    23 June 2013 · 3:53 pm

    I’ve always phrased it “All generalizations are false, including this one.” Induces eye roll at 20 meters.

    Are the waters receding in Calgary yet? I’d heard that the water in the Saddledome was up to the tenth row.

  4. Tatyana »

    23 June 2013 · 6:44 pm

    But of course, Chaz – the muslim mayor of Cazlgary only had to point his hand and “the water receded”.

    Oh, how I despise disgusting, cowardly, double-crossing leftists.

    No, “canadienne”, it’s you and Canadian “hate crimes” and kangaroo courts who are stupid. Your cowardice and pandering to your muslim overlords will not save you when their day will come…what am I saying – it already had, in Canada.

    Stupidity reigns. Don’t forget to put on your burqa, though, before kissing butt of muslim mayor of Calgary…

  5. CGHill »

    23 June 2013 · 6:48 pm

    Aw, come on. We elected one President — if he weren’t, you have to wonder what he’d be doing differently — and he hasn’t managed to hand the place over to the jihadi yet.

  6. Tatyana »

    23 June 2013 · 7:17 pm

    You think? How long ago you’ve been to Dearborn, MI? Or to my neighborhood? Or to thousands places where simple common sense – let alone the Law of the place has been systematically perverted in order to please muslims? What about this? You think this is a quirk of the system? What if I tell you I’ve lived in a building occupied populated by muslims – quiet, silent people, of the kind neighbors always call “nice” – after a terror plot is revealed – and I saw it with my own eyes, the families of one male (about your age) and 3-4 females, the younger about 25 – and they all are called his nieces and cousins; there are 5-6 children in the same apartment, and “nieces” are all getting welfare for these kids. What do you think is happening there?

    Oh, just go here and read. If you haven’t already – I’m sure you’re very well informed, yourself.

  7. CGHill »

    23 June 2013 · 8:17 pm

    I’m down the street — literally — from the local Grand Mosque. It’s not like they’re Somewhere Far Away.

    And if you must dump on someone, feel free to dump on me. You don’t have to take it out on the other readers.

  8. Tatyana »

    24 June 2013 · 6:07 am

    Plural? seriously?

  9. Tatyana »

    24 June 2013 · 7:17 am

    Besides, as I said – I am sure you are very well informed, there is no sense in “dumping on you”. You just choose to play Svejk and look the other way.

    And if anybody “dump” anything, it is “canadienne” with her typical lib “scanner(sic!) for stupid stereotypes”. Why that particular stereotype has come to be, canadienne? do you know? can you offer an explanation? what are the incidents – the world over – of terrorist activity, what are the chances the perpetrators just happen to be muslims?

    She doesn’t even make sense with her main objection, “good thing Crabbe didn’t live in Calgary” – or what, exactly? That she would have to suffer living in a city where muslim saturation already raised to the point they could elect their own mayor?

  10. CGHill »

    24 June 2013 · 7:25 am

    “Saturation” = 2.7 percent. I believe the term I’m looking for is “not.”

    How many lesbians did it take to elect Annise Parker as mayor of Houston, a city even larger than Calgary?

    Perhaps it takes compartmentalizing as overwrought as mine to be suspicious of an organization while refraining from dehumanizing its members.

    We are nearing thread death here.

  11. Tatyana »

    24 June 2013 · 8:20 am

    Paying attention to probability is not dehumanizing. It is the opposite: it is paying attention to humans who is more likely to engage into jihad; btw: you know better than I do that violence is only one of jihad methods.
    Also, I thought you should have noticed by now: I am not afraid of being labeled with stickers – this particular fear only applies to native-born Americans. I have been called worse than “dehumanizing racist stupid stereotyper”. Heard from some mouths, it is actually a compliment.

  12. Tatyana »

    24 June 2013 · 8:35 am

    As to your lesbian mayor example: red herring. Let me counter with another rhetorical question: how many lesbians is known to engage in honor killing, keeping domestic slaves, acts of terrorism, bombing marathons etc?
    If 2% of population take part in the above (or pay for it with their “muslim charities”) they are 2% too many. That’s the “point of saturation ” for you.

  13. CGHill »

    24 June 2013 · 9:03 am

    It’s all herring. And it’s not good for my blood pressure.

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