Clothed all in Green

Now that Ed Shadid, who represents Ward 2 on City Council, has announced that he’d like the spot in the middle of the horseshoe, Mike McCarville is asking: “Will Dr. Ed Shadid’s involvement in the Green Party come back to bite him as he runs for mayor of Oklahoma City?”

It obviously didn’t hurt him when he ran for Council, and you may be certain that it was brought up. Now Ward 2, which is where I live, is perhaps a hair more, um, progressive than some other parts of town, but the ballot for mayor is officially nonpartisan. That said, if Mick Cornett — who, just incidentally, is a Republican — decides to go for a fourth term, he’ll be hard to beat, even if someone is unkind enough to mention that no previous mayor has served more than three terms. (Oops.)


  1. Dick Stanley »

    28 June 2013 · 12:37 am

    Sounds like Rick Perry, our governor forever. Not that I mind, mind.

  2. McGehee »

    28 June 2013 · 6:19 am

    Given the way 2012 turned out, I’m fairly confident the GOP could have done worse than nominating Rick Perry. Where “could have” also means “did.”

  3. Dick Stanley »

    28 June 2013 · 1:58 pm

    The Democrat media had to cut him down and, unfortunately, he got flippant and helped them do it. Still amazes me that the Reps agree to play in the Democrat media sandbox. They have to know it will never be fair.

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