More juice, more often

The battery pack in the original Tesla Roadster was fairly simple: seven thousand (actually 6,999, but who’s counting?) laptop batteries. In 2006, when the Roadster debuted, Tesla projected that the packs would retain 70 percent of their original capacity after five years/50,000 miles. How did they do? Better than that, actually:

Battery packs in Tesla Motors’ Roadster electric cars will retain an average of 80- to 85-percent of capacity after 100,000 miles driven, according to a study published [Friday] by Plug In America, the nation’s leading plug-in vehicle advocacy organization.

Perhaps better still:

Roadster owners in hot climates are not seeing noticeably different battery capacity profiles than owners in moderate climates.

PIA’s survey might have a drawback or two — they took results from visitors to their Web site, which suggests at least some self-selection bias, and fewer than five percent of all Roadsters are accounted for — but with longevity questions still bedeviling buyers, Tesla surely must be happy about this, considering it was their 1.0 model.

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  1. McGehee »

    17 July 2013 · 10:03 am

    Self selection would suggest those motivated to respond do so — and if I had bought an electric car and found after five years a charge could barely get to the mailbox, I’d be motivated.

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