Bananas fostered

In their own little basket, surrounded by the ordinary 49-cents-a-pound stuff, sat a few bunches of “Organic Bananas,” priced at 66 cents. They looked a little better, I thought, and I took home half a dozen of them. (I eat one a day, mostly to keep up my potassium levels without having to rely on Nasty Chemicals.) In place of the usual agribusiness sticker, these bore the mark of Garaycoa Farms, a producer in Ecuador; I’m guessing that Dole, which has an extensive organic-banana program, bought these from Garaycoa directly and shipped them Stateside.

It was worth the effort, I think; these do seem to be a smidgen more flavorful and a lot less irregular than the usual banana-republican product, and after two days in my fruit bowl, none of them have acquired the sort of leopard-like dotting I find on the cheaper stuff. I went back to the register tape, mostly to see how much this bundle weighed, and discovered that the clerk had rang it up at the 49-cent rate, saving me 40 cents and probably screwing with their automated inventory. If they have these next week, I’ll get some more.


  1. Venomous Kate »

    15 May 2007 · 9:27 am

    If there’s one thing I miss about Hawaii, it’s the variety and freshness bananas. I’ve never tasted anything like them, before or since. Pity that what we think of as “banana” tastes, in fact, very little like the real, fresh thing.

  2. peacearena »

    15 May 2007 · 5:29 pm

    Ditto, Puerto Rico. Most Americans have no idea how many varieties of bananas there are. I think the islanders in question, to the west and south, have conspired to keep the good bananas for themselves, and ship all the practically inedible ones to the continent.

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