Instant blame

It’s never occurred to me to yell “Hey, Lankford, this sucks!” every time I get stuck on the Broadway Distention — mostly because I have enough sense to stay off the Broadway Distention — but were I so inclined, there’s an app for that:

A new app will let you instantly alert your elected officials when your bus is late, the highway is backed up, or your plane is stuck on the tarmac.

The I’m Stuck app, from infrastructure advocacy group Building America’s Future, is designed to give commuters a platform to let public officials know when their infrastructure is failing them. It’s a new twist on an old planning strategy of counting the number of riders and drivers who use a particular route. But instead of sending that data to planners, I’m Stuck goes directly to the folks who decide whether a project is built or a service is expanded.

Who will then, of course, ignore it. Heck, when Ernest Istook was hanging around here, he was making damn sure that we weren’t soaking up Federal largesse that might otherwise go to Salt Lake City.

Still: “Hey, Lankford, this sucks!”

(Via Autoblog.)

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