Frost in the air

Yesterday I picked up the new version of iTunes and sampled one of Apple’s preset stations on iTunes Radio: the one billed as Chill Out-Ambient. This is not a genre with which I have a great deal of expertise, but it’s one of which I’m growing increasingly fond.

The first time through, I decided I would stick around through the first three commercials. (I am not a subscriber — yet — to iTunes Match, so I get the occasional promotional message. I may yet spend the $30 a year.) The third commercial arrived after one hour, forty-two minutes, so it’s not like Apple is cramming them all together like auto dealers on a Saturday.

The stream sounds pretty darn good; I can’t be sure if it’s the same quality as the actual for-sale tracks (AAC 256), but it’s close. And Apple, of course, gives you a buy button on each track as it goes by, should you be so motivated.

The one advantage of iTunes Radio, apparently, is that anything in the Store can also come down the stream. That’s a whole lot of selection.

I’ll try some other stations, and maybe make up some, later on.


  1. Nicole »

    27 September 2013 · 6:35 pm

    Ah, that damnably easy “buy” button. I should probably stay away from iTunes radio…

  2. CGHill »

    27 September 2013 · 9:07 pm

    I sampled the Beatles station this evening: it is sufficiently broad to include both solo work and well-known Fab Four covers — think Joe Cocker’s version of “With a Little Help from My Friends” is up — and even songs covered by the band (the Isley Brothers’ take on “Twist and Shout,” and now I wonder if they’d include the Top Notes’ comparatively unrecognizable original).

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