Somewhere below “hall monitor”

In view of events like this and this, one might reasonably ask:

Does the employment application for the National Park Service actually include a place where prospective rangers can indicate they were the little power-tripping suck-up who always got picked to watch the class when the teacher stepped out into the hall, and if so, is it a trigger for automatic hiring?

Even given the priorities of government generally and this government in particular, there are far more of those, um, people than can possibly be absorbed, unless some kind soul unleashes the Blob.


  1. Tatyana »

    10 October 2013 · 1:57 pm

    Unfortunately, there are vastly more people who do not love freedom as much as a sticker “law abiding citizen”.

  2. McGehee »

    11 October 2013 · 8:48 am

    Somebody exposed the “Washington Monument Strategy” to gamma rays. HULK SMASH!

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