Ever so slight

Weather in these parts was generally terrible yesterday, and I fled the office an hour and a half early to beat (some of) the desperation traffic. I didn’t realize how terrible it was, though, until I pulled up the Mesonet last night:

Mesonet screen shot - wintry mix

When an 80-percent probability seems “slight,” you have definitely had a bad day.

Oh, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.


  1. Roger Green »

    23 November 2013 · 9:12 am

    Snow showers tomorrow in Albany, NY. Meh.

  2. McGehee »

    23 November 2013 · 10:41 am

    Y’all can send it down here — our pond is starting to go down again after remaining near full pool all summer — but we might need to spring for extra refrigeration to get the locals off the roads long enough for gas prices to go back down.

  3. fillyjonk »

    23 November 2013 · 11:26 am

    I’m a bit sick over the paroxysms of glee some of the weather forecasters are going into here over the alleged sleet we are to get tomorrow and Monday.

    If I am stuck here eating cereal for my Thanksgiving dinner instead of visting family….well, I hope those guys wind up paying for their glee. Bad weather is bad weather but the dudes don’t have to be so EXCITED about it.

  4. CGHill »

    23 November 2013 · 11:34 am

    I can’t even work up any enthusiasm for a White Christmas, given the way the calendar falls this year: it’s a farging Wednesday, which means at the very least I’ll have to work both Tuesday and Thursday.

    On the marginal upside, it’s also a payday.

  5. canadienne »

    23 November 2013 · 1:33 pm

    If you folks hadn’t had that rebellion in 1776, you would have had a Boxing Day holiday right after Christmas, too.

    What I want to know is, what the heck is a Wintry Mix? It sounds like a Christmas chocolate box.

  6. CGHill »

    23 November 2013 · 5:10 pm

    “Wintry mix” is weatherese for “All manner of frozen crap, in relative quantities impossible to specify.” In our specific case, we got sleet followed by — and sometimes mixed with — freezing rain.

  7. CGHill »

    23 November 2013 · 8:19 pm

    See also this April item, with a similar fixation.

  8. McGehee »

    23 November 2013 · 11:37 pm

    I think Wintry Mix ought to be a party mix including sugar-frosted Chex® cereal (if such exists) with white chocolate morsels and bits of mint meltaway.

    But that’s just me.

  9. Roger Green »

    24 November 2013 · 4:47 am

    YUM! Wintry mix! Good call, McGehee.

  10. canadienne »

    24 November 2013 · 12:40 pm

    Mr. McGehee’s Wintry Mix sounds pretty tasty.

    The Wintry Mix weather sounds like a typical spring afternoon where I come from. I always love it when they say, “We’re getting a little relief, the temperature’s going up to -15.” And the forecast for the Grey Cup in Regina today is for temps around 0, “a nice day for a late-fall football game.” It was a lot colder than that in Regina yesterday. The history of the Grey Cup game includes a lot of bad weather.

    That’s Celsius, so -15C is 5F. Sounds somewhat warmer in F.

  11. CGHill »

    24 November 2013 · 12:48 pm

    And this morning, we had periods of snow and periods of sleet, sometimes overlapping just a tad.

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